INNTRADE Limited is an importer and exporter of organic ingredients. With a strong foundation of more than 8 years experience, we carry the goal of bringing the best organic food produces from around the world to the Asian markets.


We believe in providing cordial, fast, and reliable service all along with supplying excellent quality ingredients. We are responsive to the basic nature of continual changes in ingredients and are prepared to serve customers all in accordance to their preference. By being receptive toward customers’ particular types, taste, affordability, and specifications, we are able to provide one-by-one customization for each of the customer.


We actively contribute to the community in local and international scope. Along with our missions, we aim to improve the farmer’s quality of life and reduce poverty in some of the most rural agricultural areas in the world. We regularly give social contribution to the local charities, improving the living standards of people in need and the elderly.


OUR vision is to provide quality organic ingredients to our customers, we believe all good food originates from quality ingredients, it is not necessary to add too much flavoring if the ingredients are already the best. Our Vision is to see future generations eat food that are nutritious, healthy, good for their body and mind. No more artificial flavoring and industrial processed food.


To bring the best quality organic produces at the most competitive prices. To supply the Asia Pacific market with Organic quality ingredients from around the world. To support small farmers and being socially responsible by offering them a better life. To protect the environment and innovate in better farming technologies and create sustainable agriculture.